Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Brought to you by our new buddies at FLASH STRAP comes one of the most enigmatic mixes in recent memory: Afrokraut • Control Car.
It's a 2 part mix and includes Neu! CHOPPED AND SCREWED so have at it. 
'Stretching worldly Kraut grooves and Afro-psych/synth across space and time, utilizing the slurring technique of chopping and screwing to obtain a unity, to insist the intrinsic connection be felt more deeply in the blood, this set aims only slightly to make points and teach lessons about international musical kinship, instead skewing mightily in preference to the creation of audio-psychic fuel with which to find one's consciousness setting about going On Patrol to, in either the physical realm or otherwise. Observe and Conquer. Move through space like a secret genius, a jalopy wizard, a safari cyborg. You understand what I am advocating, I trust.'

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