Monday, December 31, 2012

::c sides' Top 100 2012:: #3

Happy New Year everyone :)
Thanks for making this a great year, ya'll come back now!

Old Apparatus:: Alfur
::Internal Ephemera::
Untold:: Change In A Dynamic Environment Trilogy
::Strata Pressure::
Fifty Grand:: Exceptional
::Smoking In The Attic::
a i r s p o r t s :: s/t
::New Lifestyle Via Yardsale::
::Music For Numb Lips::
Ikonika:: I Make Lists
::Æon Medley::
Blawan:: His He She & She
::Why They Hide They Bodies Under My Garage?::
Fort Romeau:: Kingdoms
::Prince of the Night::
DJ Baglady:: Beloved
::Clubland Playground::
I:Cube:: "M" Megamix
::Fabric Filler::
Hoshina Anniversary:: Vision
::Blow Yr House Down::
Gabriel Ananda:: Drum Variations
::Cuss Like You Mean It::
Blank Banshee:: s/t
::Break In the New Piece::
Cruise Family:: We're In Heaven
::Geminid Peak::
Fatima Al Qadiri:: Desert Strike
::Thermal Imaging Dynamics::
Deep Magic:: Closed Eyes
::Light Adaptation::
VA:: Minimal Wave Tapes Volume 2
::Art Question::
Coppice Halifax:: Cedar Mast
::Dreamstate Climbing::
Cloud People:: Dub Me Wilder
::Swamp Mirage::
Camel Heads:: s/t
::Cactus Juice Prayer::
VA:: The Sine Wave Volume 1
::Indica Rhythm::
Slava:: Soft Control
::Simulated Tropics::
Dan Deacon:: America
::Crayola Park::
Oneida:: A List of the Burning Mountains
::Mark Your Territory::
spf5Ø & ƔI▲†∆†▲IƔ:: Strange Daze
::Wasteland Aria::
Innergaze:: Mutual Dreaming
::Motorfunker Radio::
Prince Rama:: Top Ten Hits of the End of the World
::Time Capsule::
Teengirl Fantasy:: Motif
::Studio Space::
Mt. Tjhris:: Amethyst Cave
::Nature's Magic::
Shisa & Choongum:: Hearts
::Body Machine::
Huerco S.:: untitled
::My Lounge, Early Morning::
Sumsun:: 2012
::Windbreaker Weather::
Moist Ghost:: Big Game Hunter
::Pixelhead River Run::
Physical Therapy:: Safety Net
::Own the Playa::

Saturday, December 29, 2012

::c sides' Top 100 2012:: #2

Shackleton:: The Drawbar Organ "EP"
::Nagual Rhythms:: 
Clams Casino:: Instrumental Mixtape 2
::Comfortably Broken::
Lenticular Clouds:: Joy of Humans
::Teleporter Highlands::
Purity Ring:: Shrines
::Glass Altitude::
Actress:: RIP
::Shedding The External::
Rachel Haircut:: Reserve
::International Hooligan's Call::
Ylang Ylang:: Coastal Heaven
::Manifestation of Intent::
Blown:: Gods House + Remixes
::Graveyard Blunts::
DJ Kentaro:: Contrast
::Rave Dubai Infinite::
Sapphire Slows:: True Breath
::Bucolic Plateau::
Para One:: Passion
::Nu Gen Funk::
Jon Convex:: IDORU
Memory Tapes:: Grace/Confusion
::Tulip House Dreams::
Xamiga:: Unsolved Universe
::Critical Drive::
Aids-3D:: North Face® Winter 2012 Mens SmartPhone Demo
::Intel Fuck::
Elite Gymnastics:: Ruin 3
::Skyline WIFI::
Legowelt:: The Paranormal Soul
::The King In His Temple::
White Snapper:: Cedar Water
::Echo of Purity::
West Norwood Cassette Library:: Say What?
::Catalogue Dubplate::
Vitalic:: Rave Age
::7 E's I'm Sweatin::
The Presets:: Pacifica
::Night Is Ours::
High Park & zxz:: s/t
::Speed Worship::
Vatican Shadow:: Ghosts of Chechnya
::Covert Leisure::
Swizzymack:: Swaggyantz Mixtape
::New Philly Standard::
Young Smoke:: Space Zone
::Mescalito Drum::
Supreme Cuts:: Whispers In The Dark
::Lucky 1st Date::
Xander Harris:: Snow Crash
Demdike Stare:: Elemental
::Radiation of Power::
Finally Boys:: Feelings
::Emotional Healing::

::Town Beat::
Tash Willmore:: Broken Bloodline: An Alternate View
::Art Is Our Child::
Music For Your Plants:: Expedition Chant Cup
::Tryptamine Weather::
Burial:: Kindred
::Sunrise On The Train::
Check back tomorrow night for part 2.