Friday, December 28, 2012

::c sides' Top 100 2012:: #1

Wild year.

John Talabot:: Fin
::Progressive Balearic::
Scuba:: Personality
::Designer Dynamics::
Coyote Clean Up:: Double Doom
::Lo Fi Loft Party::
Goth Trad:: New Epoch
::Meditation Bass::
Andy Stott:: Luxury Problems
::Dilapidated Body::
d'Eon:: LP
::Post Physical Classic::
(a personal favorite)
Gohan:: Peur
::Nefarious Work::
VA:: Blam Lord's Quest
::IRL Fantasy::
DJ Azamat:: EP 1
LAKE R▲DIO:: Dream House
::Oxygen Hatch::
JDSY:: Peter Rabbit
::Childhood Videogame::
Blue Daisy x Unknown Shapes:: Bedtime Stories
::Subconscious Sex::
(a personal favorite)
LA Vampires by Octo Octa:: Freedom 2K
::The Rhythm; The Ecstasy::
Simoncino:: Dreams
::Memory Flex::
Babe Rainbow:: Greed Remixes
::Self Help Tools::
Bill Laswell:: Means of Deliverance
::Spirit Resonance::
Araabmuzik:: Instrumental University
::Hardware Hustla::
Matthias Zimmerman:: Mountain Dub
::Island Practicality::
Messier Object:: Original Prime Mover
::Light Year Cruiser::
Gatekeeper:: Exo
::Acid Dub::
Sir Stephen:: House of Regalia
::Casino Workout::
Evian Christ:: Kings and Them
::Philly Clublife::
Om Unit:: Aeolian
::Archetypal Waveforms::
Acid Krakaz:: Forgotten Dream Ritual of The Serpent River Goddess
::Eleusis AM::
Dreams:: Lost Kingdom
::MIDI Map::
Maya Jane Coles:: Easier To Hide
::4 That Girl In The Crowd::
Neuport:: [[[[[[[C H O R I z O]]]]]]]
::Delirium Party::
Two Fingers:: Stunt Rhythms
::Eonphaded Bass Cannon::
VA:: Icepunk
::NU ICE::
Reso:: Tangram
::Iron Body Glass Mind::
Route 8:: Never Ending Stories
::Places To Be::
Nina Kraviz:: S/T
::Deeper Sense of Self::
Plankton Wat:: Spirits
::Sierra Star Navigation::

Check back tomorrow night for part 2.

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