Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pines Gone Wild

Local Legend Evan Wilder + his outfit Cloud People are back on the trail with music new & old- and showing no signs of stopping! Cloud People's new EP, The Wilds, plays out just like a complete work, while sticking to their usual timely format. The music is classic Cloud People- replicating a realistic emotive rendition of a day out in the chlorophyll laden wasteland that is the Pine Barrens. Beats match the pace of footsteps, airy synths blow floral notes into your being; oscillating basslines shake with movement in the woods. The Wilds creates a synaesthetic escape of from the usual textural grind, in a way somewhat akin to Boards of Canada. Put down the 'dub plate' for a minute and have a breath of fresh air. 

Cloud People also released Ever Wilder this week- a compilation of broke beat remixes of old bluegrass & country records found in  a dumpster in Shamong, NJ. The results are ridiculously awesome, give it a go & download it for free
And if you haven't checked out the series yet, get even wilder with Evan Wilder on his Wild & Shit series on youtube.

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