Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R Stevie Moore LIVE ON TAPE

Sometimes its best to just get up and get her done. Last friday after work all I wanted was to smoke my mind to peace and curl up in bed. But you know how it goes, hopped on facebook and found out R Stevie Moore was playing 40 minutes down 206. Naturally, I got my pockets together and got a friend to come with.

Been on the lookout for a chance to catch Stevie in the live setting for a while, and seeing that the show was booked as a 'rare solo performance',  I figured it would be  a good chance to catch him expounding his signature Cybernet Age brand of caustic mysticism. Haven't been to the Record Collector yet but I've known all about that slick surf twang and rockabilly rayon they book on the regular. Turned out to be a swanky joint, did a bit of picking in the bins out front while the opening act played.

The recording should speak for itself, but to get the full picture you ought to go out and catch a show. Hell of a stage man. Each side captures the full first and second sets, tape cut out and left me hanging for the encore but it worked out as a pretty nice package deal. Rip turned out better then expected, sounds alright to me. 

R Stevie Moore is on the road NOW on his FIRST EVER world tour. Got to hang out with him a bit after the show and did some pretty quality bullshitting, incredibly cool guy and it's great to see he's out and about. He also has a new album 'Advanced' coming out, so check that too. Support DIY music, and the king of new age grassroots. 


  1. i hope you're as hot as R. Stevie Moore in real life.

  2. http://www.comfortstand.com/artists/artistimages/rsteviemoore.jpg