Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review- Cloud People:: 'Even Wilder'

Been waiting patiently to hear this piece of work. The Pines' big chiefs of analog dub Cloud People is back on the track with their new EP on Batona Music, Even Wilder. True life a pioneering foundation in Pine Barrens bass music, Cloud People use all kinds of analog technology, instruments, and Abelton Live to try to 'tame' the emotions and energies that come up out of the elements in the Jersey sticks. 

On this slab, Cloud People put out a fairly concise little batch of tunes, dipping into a few different territories- oscillating kraut, unabashed freakout house and a nice bit of BoC-style, yearning psychedelia. Sam Moskalik plays the djembe and Evan Wilder plays the drum kit and vocoder, also featuring a few other characters from the deep woods. The ep was mastered by Paul 'Starkey' Geissinger, who recently did a mini mix for BBC Radio 1, among other things...

The EP starts off with a quick, warm throbbing krautwerk, the first nebula of Helios- just enough to whet the appetite for whatever the intro will allude to. Following suite in a fairly unexpected turn comes Awesome Sunsets, a sutra of detachment for the high elevations of pygmy pine. Featured up front is a bit of digital lamentation for the fading sky,  via Wilder's vocoder rhetoric. Up next is Warm Front Pressure Drop, the preview track Wildechosystems showcased in our Cloud People interview last year. Best played loud, this track is one funky ass freakout.  Open Deck Cloud Ship is a wild ode to house music, got to love the yells and reckless drum crescendos. On its way out, Helios II drops in for a couple quick minutes of solar bully bass synth. Time moves fast though, and soon enough we're left in silence. 

Check it out on Batona Music, scheduled to drop sometime in July.

Through the atmosphere

In the pine trees
a smooth breeze
carries pollen
through the rays
of the vernal sunset

Through the atmosphere

Coastal flood planes
reflect back
red and violet
through the haze
of the summer sunset

Through the atmosphere

For a moment
we can sense
something wild
in the fade
of the autumn sunset

Through the atmosphere

Frozen woodlands
lost in snow
glow bright orange
blaring warmth
from the winter sunset

It's taking over you
It's taking over you
It's taking over you
It's taking over you
It's taking over you
It's taking over you

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