Saturday, May 26, 2012

Æleatory #1

Here are three mystery files I grabbed on a whim.
The first two(even at random)are from The Green Ray, who I have never heard of prior to these mixes. My first thought as Green Ray Music Vol. 3 started playing was that this was definitely an artifact of an audiophile- but I wouldn't imagine how deep the crate really went. 
Vol. 3 is a bit of a lush disco panacea from a tropical world of impeccable taste. 
Vol. 4 relies a bit more on spacious elements, culminating in a full on orgasm at the 1/4 mark with a slowed down version of the underwater song from Donkey Kong. Guitars, piano and synth scrolls follow.
Lastly, we have the lovely cnvrrtbl 2 横浜へ mixed by an artist known as drudgrr. Standalone tracks here, quite a few you might want to add to playlists of your own. A few of these tracks will blow your mind- Sandii Zoot Kook, a few tracks from Testpattern, Hans Zimmer & GREGG ALLMAN Black Rain Theme... oh my god Based God!! Fill me up another glass please. 
Like a Chinese buffet of research chemicals.

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