Sunday, May 20, 2012


™™™OUT NOW™™™
Coming to a system near you: BLAM LORD'S QUEST
Take the voyage through 49 eon faded levels of snare traps, fried circuits and vanilla ice.
16 bit landscapes reinvented for the future carved by big bosses like Shisa, BLOWN, Skeletonkids, Noms, spf5ø, Ormus, MOON MIRROR, The Ceremonial Dagger, BLK SMK, Svengali, c sides.. re-imagining the audio terrain of classic cartridges like Donkey Kong, Silent Hill, Sonic, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Brothers + a whole box of others. And lets not forget about our hero Blam Lord, toasting wavs of hard dada on various tracks throughout.
Grab the whole thing from your favorite URL junk shop Aural Sects. Also going to drop the TREEHOUSE HITZ for extra rez.
^^Donkey Kong yo

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