Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridges Thru Babylon

Bridgetown Records is about as solid as granite and dependable as Stone Brewery. If you haven't heard, the summer batch consisted of 15 new releases- 12 tapes, 2 cds and a dvd.
The mix- all individual tracks, is all songs taken from these tapes. It might be the perfect thing to put on when you get home from work and want to sprawl out in the ac. Most of the songs show the intricacy of Greenspon's fascination with structure- be it from the preteen fuck all of Chicken Sandwich, or one of the comp's many caves of hypnotic electronic pieces. Lee Noble, Sky Stadium, Sea Oleena, Brahms, Sundrips, Kevin Greenspon... just download this and put it on if you want to curl up and melt away.
Bridgetown has some awesome deals going on right now- 5 tapes for $24, etc. If you want to pick a few up might be nice to do it sooner then later, one of the guys had a bunch of his equipment stolen on tour & you know it pays off to be good in our tight little community. 
Just listen to the mix.

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