Friday, August 19, 2011

•ø∆Wildechosystems Tape Club∆ø•

Finally, time to get physical.
Here's the deal-
Each tape is TOTALLY custom, no two are alike. They'll each have hand made art too (and many will have other cool stuff from my hut). Tapes will be filled with all kinds of different sounds and music, you can let me know what you want on yours (themes, remix of a track, etc) and I'll do my best to incorporate it. I plan on using unreleased tracks, live bedroom mix bootlegs, field recordings, radio transmissions, vinyl cuts and just about anything else I can conjure up, from every pit of the fucking earth. These are going to be awesome, so do yourself and an unemployed ethnomusicologist a favor and get a tape!

If this gets off the ground, hopefully we can tap into the grassroots effect. Musicians can trade a tape or 7”, whatever it be. Those who trade I'll put one of your tunes on the next tape. Hell, go start your own tape club and do the same thing (just link me, k?) Feel free to spread the word, doesn't matter if you're into 45's or listen to nothing but dubstep- will tap deep into all realms of music and sound. 

Most tapes will be on recycled cassettes, each with unique art, sprayed (collaged?) shell, tracklist and inserts.

 $5 or trade for one of your own wares, email eonphader at if interested.
*First 5 orders will be Wetland Boundary edition, wrapped in OFFICIAL orange Wetlands Boundary tape (so hot) and will come with a spore print of a local mushroom.*


*note the scarlet ibis- Thoth; god of wisdom. We don't fuck around.
**sorry for the shitty pic, looks much better IRL

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