Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*Cream of 2011* Part 1

It has been a good year in moving forward.
To keep the list digestible, it'll be broken down to 33 1/3 rpp (releases per post): 33 albums and 1 anthem. Three unique releases will top this and the following posts with a small review.
TOP 100
One of the most beautiful releases to grace my Mac this year, a split from these two Russian masters. Pensive drones meet lush acoustic passages of strings and piano on Oomkah Dee's side.. mountain summit music from Black Sky Chant. 
Still on the trail of one of these tapes.
FWY!:: Ventura ep
Music for the American highway.
Elite Gymnastics:: Ruin 1+2
This album quickly became a favorite spin.. talking like 10 plays in a day. One of the finest tuned visions of internet culture in the present moment- this thing is tite. You probably won't even like it actually. Gets top 5 for art + design too, with the watermelon vinyl and book on top..
Blondes:: Trilogy 12”s
Julia Holter:: Tragedy
Gutter Parties:: s/t
Cuticle:: Confectioner's Beats
Jane Weaver:: the Watchbird Alluminate
Zomby:: Nothing
BEBETUNES:: inhale C-4 $$$$$
Ekoclef:: Tapeswap
Shisa:: (memory)
Clams Casino:: Rainforest EP
Floating Points:: Shadows
Dylan Ettinger:: Botany Bay
Eat Lights Become Lights:: Autopia
DJ Rum:: Mountains
Jürgen Müller:: Science of the Sea
V/A:: Re-Synthesist
Darkside:: ep
Clapz II Dogz:: ep
Slug Guts:: Howlin' Gang
D.V.S.:: Coming Up for Air
Zombi:: Escape Velocity
Symmetry:: Themes for an Imaginary Film
Archers By The Sea:: Paper Light
Phutureprimitive:: Kinetik
Javelin:: Canyon Candy
Xander Harris- Urban Gothic
spf5ø:: Cyb3r666
Tash Willmore:: Invocation of the Neon Spirits

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