Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*Cream of 2011* Part 2

Sand Circles:: s/t
This tape has an effect on me.. something like removing gravity or an oxygen o.d. Like standing on the beach at night, being one with sea and sky. Its all just wind.
 One of the nu-age classics, something people are going to cry over when the tapes begin to disintegrate in thirty years.
Ayqix:: Tarpuymit'a
Dubbed and deep, you wouldn't expect an album of this... depth.. to be available on as a free, Creative Commons release. Ayqix is from Argentina and I have seen the name on some S. American festival bills. Take some kava and tap into the archive.
Pierrot Lunaire:: Turn Back the Hands of Time
It is strange when the internet comes full circle in real life. I first heard this on a suggestion from an online friend. Having known it was out on Hooker Vision I gave it a spin. I really liked it, and there was a decent amount of hype in certain circles regarding its release. Loved how the samples sounded. 
So I'm on Facebook one night and I see he's playing in Philly. Turns out, almost none of the music is 'sampled'- but live sax and field recordings he collected himself. I won't let anymore magic out of the bag but Pierrot is a stand up dude, with more in common then I had imagined, and we totally bro'd out. 
Put it this way, he ain't no Terry Riley. 
Grab his new green wax on Hooker Vision.
Stephen Molyneux:: Cambodian Field Recordings

                         White Palms:: ep
                  Weyes Blood:: The Outside Room
                       Belong:: Common Era
                   Duppy Gun Productions:: 001
Vektroid- Neo Cali
                          Wolfram:: s/t
                        Willie Burns:: ep
Art Department:: The Drawing Board
                The Field- Looping State of Mind
An Album by Korallreven

                    At Work:: 10 Minute Break
                    Memory Tapes:: Modcast #94
                   Hype Williams:: S.E.A.L. III
                 Greenwood Sharps:: Things Familiar
                        Voder Deth Squad 1
                     Frivolous:: Meteorology
                       Faux Pas- Lostworks
              Galactic Warriors:: Return to Atlantis
             High Bank Ramblers:: Buck It or Fuck It ep
                   Tidal/Holographic Arts:: split
                        Howse:: Undizputed
                           Gatto Fritto
                         Run DMT:: Dreams
                        Skai Nine:: Jasmine
                   Featureless Ghost:: New Moods
                     Wagon Christ:: Toomorrow
Trickski:: Unreality
HTRK:: Work

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