Wednesday, December 28, 2011

*Cream of 2011* Part 3

Plankton Wat:: In Magical Light
This is probably my favorite album that came out this year. I had a few experiences with it that are nothing short of sacred.. if you are trying to get back to the earth, take some mushrooms, go out into a sunny swamp and listen to this on a small speaker.
Dagobert & Kalson:: Astronauten
I've had the art for this album on the computer for a long time, and knew it had to belong to something. Here it is, and it sure is something. The sounds on this album are reaching for something higher- hard hitting beats with operatic vocoder and wanderlusting space synth. Available on clear yellow and green vinyl if you feel like importing- physical copies also come with the art as a huge poster. And alas, there is going to be a world wide listening party on the day of the universal consciousness shift, check that out here
Acheron:: September Tape Fire
Some of the most comforting, enigmatic music I think I've ever come across. Came out in an edition of 25, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ultra rare dud copy recently. Feels like the beauty of September in your ears, on your skin.
Also works great in the snow.
Expo 70- Inaudible Bicoastal Trajectory
James Ferraro:: Far Side Virtual
Innergaze:: Shadow Disco
Stag Hare:: Spirit Canoes
Sun Araw & Eternal Tapestry:: Night Gallery
Food Pyramid:: III
The Caretaker:: An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
Space Dimension Controller:: Temporary Thrillz
Jonas Reinhardt:: Music For The Tactile Dome
WYLD WYZRDZ:: From a Stone
Sun Araw:: Ancient Romans
Dirty Beaches:: Badlands

Teams: Dxys xff
Rangers: Pan Am Stories
Heat Wave:: Stasis 1
Kerrier District 3
Mike Simonetti:: Capricorn Rising
Niggas With Guitars:: Ethnic Frenzy
Fatima Al Qadiri:: Genre Specific Experience
Birdy Nam Nam:: Defiant Order
High Wolf:: Atlas Nation
Cyberoptics:: Tie Fighter ep
Andy Stott:: We Stay Together
Scratch Massive:: Nuit De Reve
Andras Fox:: Your Life
Fourth World Magazine:: The Spectacle of Light Abductions
Sir Stephen:: By Design
Karenn:: Sheworks001
Ξ›:: Patriot Hills
Love you all, lets make 2012 what its supposed to be. 

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